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Hotel Stevenson - Part 3: Designer's Picks!

This is the final blog in a 3 part series all about the creation of Hotel Stevenson, a boutique hotel in the Columbia River Gorge.

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And don't forget to join me tomorrow, May 7th, for Skamania Sip and Stroll in Stevenson, WA. Grab a glass of wine at the 77 Cork and Tap Bistro (located inside Hotel Stevenson) and check out all of these amazing selections in person! I will answer all of your burning questions about the topics covered in these 3 blogs.

I hope to see you there!

There are so many thing about this hotel that I absolutely LOVE, but the thing I love the most is the care and attention that went into each room in the hotel. We specifically designed each room to have it's own flair and for that reason it has design details that you just won't find anywhere else. This blog will give you all the things to keep an eye out for as you plan your next visit!

Note: This blog only covers the rooms currently available for booking in Phase 1.

Once we open the remaining 4 rooms in Phase 2 I will be sure to do an update!

Room 3

Room 3 is one of the first rooms to be completed as the owners and various trades used this space to stay in while renovations were being completed. At the very beginning of the project while we were in the heart of construction I discovered this bathroom had the most beautiful wood ceiling. I begged the owners, Terri and Dave, to not paint over it and to restore it to its natural beauty. They did! This bathroom is gorgeous and the natural wood has a way of making the entire space feel like a spa. I love being able to use the historic charm of a building to carry forward the new memories that will take place in its next chapter!

Room 6

The pandemic has changed so many things, but one thing I am grateful for is the opportunity for many employees to work from remote locations. Room 6 was designed with this in mind! This room is designed for the kitesurfer who also has work responsibilities. Load up the car with your gear and head to Stevenson, WA for a few days. You can work at the desk tucked away in the built in niche during the morning and get on the river in the evening. Take full advantage of the extended daylight in the PNW during the summer!

Room 7

Room 7 is designed for the guest who would love a little extra room! Maybe you are planning a girls weekend or just want the ability to spread out. This room features a bed, pullout sofa, and desk.

The designer pick in this room is located on the ceiling - don't forget to look up! Above the seating area you will find this gorgeous light that balances the curvature in the wallpaper pattern. This is a lighting fixture you won't want to miss!

Room 8

Room 8 (and 9) are definitely the rooms that provide the most funk and fun! The wallpaper in this space is created by Portland artist, Kate Blairstone. This pattern pulls from plants that are native to the PNW while adding in a softness with light green, pink, and yellow hues.

This is the perfect room for those who love color and a little whimsy! Plus, you can't beat all the natural light in this corner room that looks out to the river.

Room 9

Room 9 is the room that started it all! Well started the wallpaper selections anyway...

When I first began working with Hotel Stevenson I was inspired by the Hotel Les Dames du Pantheon in Paris. This is the hotel I stayed at during Paris design week and this room was the room I used to convey the vision I had for the hotel. Rich patterns, bold colors, and gorgeous wallpapers were the key to making this hotel a unique attraction in the Columbia River Gorge. This wallpaper, also created by Portland artist, Kate Blairstone, helped bring the vision to life. The bright pink and red flowers reminded me of the City of Roses while the little pops of yellow brought forth something unexpected.

Room 10

I know you aren't supposed to have a favorite room, but this one might be it! When I first met the owners of Hotel Stevenson I was working in a design showroom in Camas, WA. Terri and Dave Sauer came in one afternoon frustrated because they couldn't decide on a shower design for rooms 10 and 11. I immediately got to work and designed the shower you see in the room today. Little did I know that tile consultation would manifest into consulting on the rest of the hotel! This room will always have a soft spot in my heart and the view from this room just can't be beat!

Room 11

Room 11 comes in at a very close 2nd for the favorite spot. The wallpaper in this room is absolutely stunning. We picked black velvet arm chairs to compliment the elevated look and added a little something extra with wallpaper placed in the back of the closet. The french doors to the bathroom are also original to the building. Similar to the wood ceiling in Room 3, I knew this little piece of history had to stay. It added just the right touch to the space!

Room 12

And finally room 12. Room 12 is a room perfect for a night away! The wallpaper is simple and calming and are complimented so well by the cool toned accent colors in the pillows and blanket. This room is the room I would want to stay in if I wanted to leave all my worries at the door (a glass of wine from the bistro downstairs would also be a must!). Don't miss the details in the side table lamps and framed bathroom mirror. Simple and elegant!

There are so many details to love in this gorgeous hotel - come and see for yourself!


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