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Do you have a vision but aren't sure how to make it a reality?

Have an awkward space that you just never know what to do with it?

Are you planning to repaint the exterior of your home or business?

Need to add an accent wall or change the color of your interior walls? 

There are so many options available through social media, catalogs, and blogs. It is easy to become overwhelmed! Together we can create a design plan that fits your needs and leaves you feeling confident in your decision making.

This service is designed to fit your unique needs. Topics often covered in these consultations include: paint selections, color palette creation, shopping guidance, furniture placement, options for remodeling, or any other interior design related topic! 

Investment: $500 (includes up to 90 minutes)

Additional Time: $150 (for each additional half hour)

In-Person and Virtual Consultations Available



Clients are responsible for taking notes throughout the duration of the consultation. Detailed notes can be provided by the designer covering all topics discussed for an additional charge of $250. Notes are sent to the client within 72 hours from the consultation appointment.


Did you know you can save both time and money by selecting materials prior to requesting bids for your next remodel or new build project?? 


Purchasing this package gives you a clear vision of where you are headed, budgets based on actual selections, and an expert walking beside you helping you avoid costly mistakes! Let's get your project set up for success and ready to hand over to your general contractor.

Package Includes:

  • 90 Minute Onsite Consult

    • We will walk through the space you are planning to remodel or review your build plans for your new build. This meeting is a chance for me to offer additional insights, education, and create a plan of action for the planning stages of your project.

  • Pre-Selection of Materials (Designer Only)

    • Using the information gathered in our initial onsite consult, I will pull materials that fit your style and budget to streamline your final selection process.

  • Selection Meeting 

    • Together we will have an in-person meeting at a hard surface store to select all materials needed for your project (tile, flooring, plumbing, etc).

  • This package also includes samples of materials selected, sample paint chips of your color palette, and a comprehensive design plan to hand over to the contractor of your choice.

Investment: Starting at $5,000 

Remodel/New Build Package Anchor
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