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Hotel Stevenson - Part 1: Let's Talk Wallpaper

If you have been following this account over the last year you know that I have been offering interior design consulting services to Hotel Stevenson, a boutique hotel in the Columbia River Gorge. This weekend I will be at the hotel giving all the design details to guests. If you are free this weekend, please feel free and join me!

✅ Tour one of my favorite hotel rooms.

✅ Samples of wallpaper and tiles used in the hotel for you to peruse.

✅ Ability to ask me all the design questions you want!

Sounds like a great time to me!

Oh and I almost forgot - there will be drinks! Skamania Sip and Stroll will be taking place this Saturday as well. Grab a glass of wine at the Hotel Stevenson Bistro and come say hello!

I hope to see you there!

Ok, now let's get to the good stuff - all the details on the wallpaper you will find at Hotel Stevenson...

One of the defining design features at Hotel Stevenson is the various wallpapers. Each room has it's own unique piece that sets both the color palette and style for the space. We worked with Nellie from Manolo Walls to ensure we had pieces that would hold up in a commercial building and would compliment the style we were working with. All of these pieces were installed by Rory Streeter from Gorge Fine Painting. Working in the interior design field takes a community to bring visions to life and I am so grateful I get to work with the best!

Now let's get into it!


One of the intentional design elements in the hotel is the use of color throughout the space. We wanted to make sure that color flowed from front to back and top to bottom. The color that is present both within this wallpaper and the bistro wall is Sherwin Williams Wall Street. This color was pulled from the headboards in the rooms and you will find touches of it throughout the hotel.

Room 1

This room is part of Phase 2 and will be available for bookings in the coming months! Until then, get a sneak peek at the wallpaper going into this room.

As you can see, this wallpaper also has the same gray color from the entry. We added some glitz and a little organic shape with the pattern in this piece. This is the Paradise from the Candice Olson Decadence Collection.

Room 2

This room is also scheduled to open during Phase 2 and the wallpaper in this space will be SO GOOD! I love the regal lines, touch of gold and gray, and overall sophistication that will be in this space.

Room 3

Room 3 is available for booking and has one of the best floor plans! A cozy room for sleeping, a sitting area, and the bathroom with beautiful original wood ceilings (more to come on that ceiling in a later blog). The wallpaper in this room has a beautiful blue color that catches sunlight in just the right way. It's understated and stunning. This selection is from the Ronald Redding Designs Tea Garden in Patter French Marigold.

Room 4

Who else is ready for Phase 2 bookings? This room will be a stunner! The sophisticated floral pattern ties in the gray that runs through the hotel while adding subtle touches of white, cream, gold and silver. The dark gray background also adds just the slightest amount of texture in organic vertical lines.

Room 5

Room 5 will be the final room addition to Phase 2. This room really leans into the art deco style with these gold arches and intricate visual patterns. I can't wait to see this one installed!

Room 6

Room 6 is inspired by the windsurfers that frequent the Columbia River Gorge. This wallpaper pulls in all the shades of blue in the water. The pattern on this piece is hand drawn which highlights the unique way that water can cascade as it flows to the sea. Check out the Marmaris Peacock wallpaper here.

Room 7

Want a little room when you travel? Room 7 is for you! This room is bright and airy with both a Queen Bed and Pull Out Sofa (and it's the only still room available this weekend - book it now if you want to stay for Sip and Stroll!) The wallpaper in this room is simple stunning and absolutely mesmerizing to look at!

Room 8

This room has wallpaper designed by local Portland artist Kate Blairstone. This wallpaper is a tribute to the landscape and gardeners of the Pacific Northwest and has the perfect whimsical element. This design features a woodland palette of Mahonia, Sword Fern and Floribunda Roses.

See the Mahonia wallpaper and the rest of Kate Blairstone's collection by clicking here.

Room 9

This room also features wallpaper by Kate Blairstone. Did you know this is actually the wallpaper that inspired me to bring this idea to Hotel Stevenson?

The mix of dark and moody with pops of yellow felt like the perfect compliment to their hotel logo and the rest is history...

Room 10

I know I'm not supposed to have favorites, but this room (and Room 11) are my absolute favorites! The emerald green with gold accents is absolutely stunning. This room will be open to tour this Saturday - come check it out for yourself!

Room 11

Did somebody say drama? This room has got it! Staying in this room will bring out all the high-end modern feels. This wallpaper comes all the way from the UK to give us hand drawn palm fronds in black, gold, and silver tones. Absolutely gorgeous!

This wallpaper is from the Mirador Collection in pattern Mitende.

Room 12

And finally Room 12. The most peaceful wallpaper in the building. This wallpaper is elegant and sophisticated with its touch of floral and glints of gold. If you are looking for a night of relaxation this wallpaper will set the scene!


Which wallpaper do you love the most? Let me know in the comments!

Want to add wallpaper to your next project?

Or check out Manolo Walls and let Nellie know I sent you - my community gets a discount!

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There are more design details from Hotel Stevenson coming soon!

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