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Hotel Stevenson - Part 2: Key Elements Of Design

Did you miss the blog I posted yesterday? If so, be sure to go back one page and check out all of the inside scoop on the wallpaper selections at Hotel Stevenson, a boutique hotel in the Columbia River Gorge. This weekend I will be at the hotel giving all the design details to guests. If you are free this weekend, please feel free and join me!

Oh and I almost forgot - there will be drinks! Skamania Sip and Stroll will be taking place this Saturday as well. Grab a glass of wine at the Hotel Stevenson Bistro and come say hello!

I hope to see you there!

Part 2 of this blog series will focus on some design elements that you might overlook in the hotel. I'm talking lighting, art, and some insider knowledge on the in-house wine bar in the 77 Cork and Tap bistro. Let's get into it...


One of the first things you will likely notice when you step foot in Hotel Stevenson is the showstopper foyer. This space has intricate tile, gorgeous wallpaper, and a gorgeous semi-flush fixture to set the tone for the rest of the building. I love how the star detail ties in the gold pattern on the wallpaper!

Step past the entryway and into the hallway and immediately your eye will catch these gorgeous semi-flush lights. Picking a selection for the hallway was definitely a challenge. On the first floor you have very tall ceilings, but upstairs the ceilings are normal height. This change in structure is part of the historic charm of the building, but definitely provided a design hurdle. We opted to go with a semi-flush fixture that would work in both spaces. It's the perfect mix of modern flair with a 1920's charm. And the gold and black bring out the trim and gold doors perfectly!

What other light fixtures can you find in the public spaces of the hotel?

The light to the right can be found in the public restroom. It's a little glam, a little modern, and the perfect touch of class for the space!

Don't forget to look up when you are in the 77 Cork and Tap Bistro. These sputnik light fixtures tie in the gold tile on the back of the wine bar perfectly while still giving clear views throughout the space!