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Interior Design For
Your Business!

The perfect service for business owners moving into a new space or looking to revamp their current space!


Did You Know??

In addition to being an interior designer, I am also the owner of a career coaching firm and I specialize in consulting for small businesses.


Why is this important for your commercial project?

Not only do I understand the psychology of design that will make your space shine above your competitors, I also understand consumers, business practices, marketing strategies, and more! I design not only for aesthetic, but also with business scalability, function, and customers in mind.

BONUS! You get an interior designer and a business coach!

Along the way you will receive tips for attracting more clientele, recommendations for systems that will streamline the client experience, and someone who understands that every decision needs to be made with the longevity of your business in mind.


My goal with all of my commercial clients is to give them stunning spaces they are excited to show off, but also I treat every decision as an investment into their long term success and the success of our community.

How This Works: 


INITIAL CONTACT: Let’s get started! Submit a request for your commercial project to be reviewed by our team. This form is a critical step, ensuring we have full understanding of your needs and that your project aligns with the services we offer.

HOMEWORK: Let us get to know you! The “homework” is designed to provide us with

insight into your business style and design goals. Once completed we will schedule our 90 minute on-site meeting and a $500 down payment will be invoiced. This amount will be applied as a credit to your overall project cost should you choose to proceed with our services.


INITIAL ON-SITE: During our onsite, we are here to address any questions you may

have. We give potential projects ideas, things to consider, and education on every decision they are about to make. This meeting is also an opportunity for our team to see your space in-person, gather measurements, and create a detailed checklist of your project requirements.


FINAL PROPOSAL: Exciting times ahead! We’ve gone through all your project details and put together a personalized proposal just for you. This proposal will cover everything you need to know about working with our company. We will spell out the project cost, meeting schedule, and detailed scope of work. Once it’s approved, we get to work making magic happen!


The first invoice (initial 50%) will be due at this time. Once the initial payment is received, all of your milestones are scheduled on our calendars.


SELECTION MEETINGS: The number of meetings needed at this stage is dependent on the size of your project. On average most clients have between 2-3 selection meetings. Our goal is to streamline the decision making process, while also allowing you to focus on the bigger pieces of running your business.


Selection meetings occur onsite and our team brings the materials straight to you! You will be presented with 3 options for each selection and we will guide and educate you through the selection choices. One by one, we’ll tick off every item on our checklist. By the time we’re done, you’ll have every selection made and will be ready to execute!


THE FINAL PRODUCT: Our final meeting is where we bring it all together! All of your

selections made in previous appointments will be brought back together so you can see the full vision. This meeting is your opportunity to see the vision, ask questions, and start dreaming about your future space! We’ll proudly hand over your final design documents and a curated sample box containing all your selections. And, remember, we’ll be looking forward to capturing those after photos once your project is wrapped up!


Every commercial space is unique and will receive a custom proposal tailored to your specific needs. Most proposals start at $5/sq.ft.

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