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Discuss With A Designer
Your Ideas, Our Expertise

The Perfect Service for my DIY (Design It Yourself) Folks!

  • Do you have a vision but aren't sure how to make it a reality?

  • Have you made selections, but you are worried you made the wrong choice?

  • Are you planning to repaint but aren’t sure what color works? 


Before you get to work, let’s chat!


There are so many options available through social media, catalogs, and blogs. It is easy to become overwhelmed or to create a vision that doesn’t fit your needs. 

Together we can: 

  • Create a design plan to fit YOUR needs (not what is popular on social media this month).

  • Talk through your selections and choices so you feel confident, educated, and excited about the next stage in this process.

  • Learn from a professional about common mistakes folks make choosing a layout, hiring help, picking selections, and more!


This service is designed to fit your unique needs and get your questions answered.

Topics often covered in these consultations include paint selections, color palette creation, shopping guidance, furniture placement, options for remodeling, or any other interior design-related topic! 


  • Discuss With A Designer | Virtual Session: $250 (60 minutes)

  • Discuss With A Designer | Onsite Session: $500 (90 minutes)

    • Must be located within Clark County, WA. If interested in an onsite visit in the surrounding areas, travel free will apply. 

Additional Time: $125 (for each additional half hour)

Clients are responsible for taking notes throughout the duration of the consultation. Notes can be provided for an additional charge of $250. Notes are sent to the client within 72 hours from the consultation appointment.

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