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Brandi Oldham, interior designer with Brandiwine Interior Design based in Vancouver, Washington.


Accomplished Interior Designer Based in Vancouver, WA

Let’s cut to the chase, this wasn’t always my career field…

I have bachelors in communication and psychology and a masters degree in Human Relations with an emphasis in diversity and development. Long story, short I am the ideal fit for the corporate world. And for 10 years I worked in HR and business development in a few different sectors. The problem - I had an insatiable itch for higher levels of creativity and desperately wanted to build something on my own.


(Insert Fast Forward Sounds Here)

Now I run 2 companies here in the Vancouver, WA area. Monday - Thursday you will find me managing my career coaching firm and helping individuals and organizations become the best versions of themselves. 

Fridays and Saturdays my brain is all about interior design.

Yes, you can have both a creative and logical brain.

And it’s THE BEST!

What does that mean for you as a client?

  • I get having a busy schedule. Our company is designed to help you make sound design decisions efficiently. We are a perfect fit if you love checking things off your to-do list each day, delegating the stuff you aren’t an expert in, and are ready to have a streamlined interior design experience.

  • I’m really good at helping people find common ground. Let me tell you something about working in HR and having a background in “all things people”, I can help you make decisions that work for all parties involved. I often joke that interior designers are marriage counselors in disguise. In all seriousness, I cannot help you with personal issues (I’m not licensed), but I can help you find that perfect island pendant that works for both of you!

  • I’m a real person. If you are looking for a designer to show up in name brand clothing and over the top outfits, I’m not your gal! Sorry, working 2 days a week in this business means I am on the go! I have to be able to talk to contractors, clients, and everyone in between all while *typically* rocking jeans and an iced coffee in hand. I’m down to earth and ready to help regular people design spaces that are perfect for them!

And what about your design work?

Glad you asked! I am the owner, founding designer, and visionary behind Brandiwine Interior Design. Over the course of my design career I have designed, opened, and managed a design showroom in Camas, WA, traveled to Paris for Paris Design Week, and have consulted with hundreds of clients just like you! These projects ranged from tile and paint selections to design plans for a Hotel Stevenson located in the Columbia River Gorge. No matter the size of your project, my team and I are ready to help you! My areas of expertise include residential remodels, commercial remodels, new builds, and the psychology of color.

If you are still here, great!

That probably means you are my kinda person. Let’s get a meeting on the calendar shall we…


Custom design box containing design selection binder, drawer pulls, and tile samples.



Interior Design Society (IDS) membership badge Portland, Oregon chapter.
Custom interior design box containing tile samples, drawer pulls, paint samples, and Brandiwine Interior Design business card.
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