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The Perfect Wallpaper For A Nursery

Decorating the nursery for your new arrival is a joyous part of every pregnancy journey.

Choosing the color scheme, cheerful accessories, linens, and toys welcomes baby into the big wide world. One easy and utterly delightful option is creating a beautifully wallpapered accent wall as the room’s focal point.

At Brandiwine Interior Design, I can make choosing the right wallpaper a breeze!

Here are a few of my favorites to spark your creative side!


Baby’s new room should be soothing for little eyes—because sleep is your friend—but also stimulating and engaging as they grow. In the Pacific Northwest we can’t always get outside as often as we’d like, so bring nature in with Milton & King’s Love Club wallpaper.

I just installed this in a nursery here in town and the results are stunning. I love the abstract floral pattern that creates a whimsical feel to the room. Combined with a beautiful pale color paint this room is an absolute stunner.


If you prefer to keep things floral but turn the volume down a notch, try Chasing Paper’s Magnolias. Outlined blossoms in blush and taupe sweetly blend color, pattern, and subtlety that set off brighter accents like blankets, throw rugs, or squishy pillows.

From the trees to the skies with Chasing Paper’s Constellations. Rich navy is punctuated with sparkling gold stars, traced by the faintest constellation lines. Encourage your new little one to chase their dreams and shoot for the stars with this wallpaper. It’s dramatic but also subtle and the perfect wallpaper for them to use as they age.

Want something more traditional?

Melville wallpaper from Serena & Lily is neutral, timeless, and hearkens back to a crisp New England oceanfront cottage. Plus, it has whales. LOTS of whales. Pair it with neutral whites, soft beige, a little pop of mustard yellow then sing your wee sailor to sleep with a shanty or two.

For striking color without flashy patterning, there’s Thatcher Studio’s Pascal wallpaper in gold and charcoal. I love how this is simple and packs a punch. These colors are the perfect complement to just about every color palette and it adds the perfect amount of drama. Like Constellations, this is neutral enough to age well with minimal tweenage drama.

Never shy about color, Thatcher Studios warms things up with A View of the Woods. Not typically a fan of orange shades or warmer color palettes, I really find this elegant, outdoorsy pattern of leaves changed my mind. With a navy blue or charcoal gray crib it would be absolutely stunning and perfect for the Northwest.

Sticking with the outdoor theme is Jungle Menagerie from York Wallcoverings. Elephants, giraffes, monkeys, foliage, and rainbows all in a neutral color palette make it gender neutral, eye-catching, and perfect inspiration for bedtime stories with Curious George, Babar the Elephant, or the iconic menagerie of Dr. Seuss.

Ready to take the plunge?

Schedule a Wallpaper Package which includes on-site consultation, measurements, designer-curated selection, color matching, and discounts on wallpaper purchased through selected vendors. Book online and have everything perfect by kiddo’s big day!


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