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The Perfect Tile For A Fun Powder Bathroom!

This week I spent a few hours onsite of one of our latest renovations.

This renovation is HUGE!

I started working with these clients over a year ago and it took meeting every Saturday for a month just to get hard surface selections chosen. It's 2 floors, 4 bathrooms, and a whole lot of design goodness! I am so excited to share more about this project in the coming months.

Until then...I have to share with you the perfect tile line for your next powder bathroom project: Z Collections Deco Anthology by Elios.

This tile line has 10 patterns to choose from and they are oh so perfect for your next project!

My clients on this particular project chose Etnic Nero C (image to the right) for their powder bathroom. It's the perfect mix of warm and cool tones while still playing in a neutral palette. I love that this tile is timeless and can be paired with various colors in the bathroom.

But what about other patterns in this line?

Don't you worry they are just as good!

This tile is the perfect choice if you are looking for something that truly plays in the neutral category.

The flower pattern adds a softness, while the gray/white/black balance. Such a fun point of interest to any floor!

Maybe you love the pattern of the tile above, but aren't a huge fan of the color palette? That's ok!

This light blue option has you covered. The warmth from the beige and gray tones balances this tile perfectly to give a softer and more subtle take on this bold pattern.

Are you looking for something with more of a structured pattern? This tile is the one for you!

The color on this tile is the softest shade of a green/blue hue and is the perfect calming touch.

Where are my people who gravitate toward geometric design? I love a great geometric piece and this tile is it!

This tile is so versatile in installation and has a fantastic mix of color tones to compliment all of your decor.

I love the versatility of this tile pattern!

The design leans a little bit traditional, but pulls modern through color. Again, this selection is a great mix of neutral tones that will compliment any colored palette you decide to add to it in decor!

This is another of my absolute favorites in this line!

This pattern is large and in charge so make sure you have the space to show off the gorgeous pattern. It's simple, fun, and great for any decor style!

We have another tile pattern option for those of you loving geometric design!

I love that this tile, while geometric, also has a bit of whimsy! I get Alice in Wonderland vibes from this piece and love the diamond pattern!

This piece is a toned down version of the Original Grigio B. So if you love this pattern, but aren't crazy about going bold this is for you!

The pattern gives great visual interest, but the light blue color makes it feel calmer and more subtle to guests.

And if you really need something that will add warmth without overwhelming a space then this tile is your best bet!

The pattern is a beautiful traditional style and the warm taupe adds a great compliment to a bathroom that could use a little warmth.

I hope you enjoyed exploring one of my favorite tile lines.

Let me know in the comments which pattern is your favorite!

And if you need help selecting tile for your next project, please reach out.

I would love to help you find the perfect selection!

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