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7 Front Door Paint Colors I Love!

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

As I bought candy for trick or treaters today, I realized it's the time of year where

front door colors are taking center stage!

Is your front door in need of a refresh?

Not sure where to start or what color to choose?

No problem!

Check out 7 of my favorite Sherwin Williams paint colors for your front door!

1) Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

There is something about a black front door that is the perfect neutral entrance to your home! Holiday wreaths and seasonal decor take center stage with black as the backdrop. I may also be biased as this is the color of our front door...

Black front doors add a sharp contrast to white and gray exterior paint colors. I also love a black front door next to red brick.

Photo Credit: Do It Yourself Divas

2) Sherwin Williams Naval

Is a dark blue front door more your style? Sherwin Williams Naval is the perfect dark blue to make a statement. This color is rich and vibrant, but also dark enough still be considered a neutral.

This is another paint color that looks phenomenal next to red brick. I also love a dark blue front door with a soft gray, yellow, white, off-white, or beige exterior paint color.

Photo Credit: StampinFool

3) Sherwin Williams Peppercorn

This dark gray color has a subtle warm undertone which makes it the perfect inviting color for your front door. Add a pop of greenery in a wreath or arrangement to make your entrance even more inviting!

This color looks fantastic next to white wash brick. I also love it with a white, off-white, or pale green exterior paint color.

Photo Credit: Tinted

4) Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray

Looking for a lighter color to compliment a dark exterior paint color? Take a look at Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray! Many people lean into white front doors when pairing with a darker exterior paint, but white doors tend to show marks, dirt, etc. This gray color still gives you the contrast, but is a little more forgiving!

I love this front door color with navy blue homes. It's a stunner!

Photo Credit: The Crazy Craft Lady

5) Sherwin Williams Decisive Yellow

Let's take a look at some fun colors! I'm a huge fan of a bright and cheery yellow front door. My favorite yellow is Sherwin Williams Decisive Yellow. It's a bright yellow that packs a punch in the best way. If you are going to lean into a bright front door, lean in all the way!

All shades of gray pair so well with a yellow front door.

I also love this bright yellow color with a navy exterior!

Photo Credit: ChelsieAntos

6) Sherwin Williams Heartthrob

A red front door is such a fun classic choice! There is something about a red front door that takes you into the coziness of a Hallmark Christmas movie no matter the time of year. Sherwin Williams Heartthrob is a beautiful red that captures your attention and brings out that feeling of "home".

A red door is absolutely beautiful on a white exterior. I also love red front doors paired with a dark gray exterior color.

Photo Credit: Yellow Brick Home

7) Sherwin Williams Hazel

I have had 3 clients select various shades of turquoise and aqua marine in the last year. These bright blue-green colors give the same fun and cheery vibe as a yellow, but it is a fun new twist to add to the mix! Sherwin Williams Hazel is a beautiful compliment without being too overpowering.

This color looks phenomenal next to most dark exterior paint colors. I really love this color next to a dark charcoal exterior!

Photo Credit: Knock Off Decor

Still not sure about what color to paint your front door?

Get in touch! Brandiwine Interior Design offers paint consultations for all of your interior and exterior paint projects. I would love to help you find the perfect color!

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