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Shhh....I'm Letting You In On The Secret I Use To Select Paint In My Home

Are you considering changing a paint color in your home or office?? First of all, congratulations! Paint is always a fun way to update your space.

If you missed it, last weekend I did a free paint consult at Powell Paint Center.

It was such a fun afternoon!

I met a teenager that was painting her bedroom for the first time. (Her mom gave her free reign as long as she did the painting herself - so much fun for a teen!) I had a bachelor looking to update his bedroom and add a little blue in the space. And numerous people painting living and dining areas. Everything from blue to yellow was discussed. We even picked a dark black/brown color for a dining room ceiling - hello drama!

With all these selections, one thing remained the same. All of the people who visited were nervous about selecting the wrong color for their space.

Here is the thing, it's just paint...

If you hate it, repaint it! Life is too short to not add a little fun to your spaces and make them feel like you! Now that being said, painting isn't always sunshine and rainbows. It requires time, supplies, and energy to add paint to a space.

So what is the trick I use in my home to make sure I am selecting the right color the first time?? I'll let you in on my secret...

1) Purchase Poster Board

Every time I am planning a major paint project I remind myself to slow down the process just a bit and I head out to purchase a few pieces of white poster board. Poster board is relatively cheap and the white color works as a great base (much like primer does on your walls).

2) Pick Up Sample Paint

Next I head to my favorite paint store and pick up sample paint cans in the colors I am considering using in my space. I personally try to narrow my selections down to no more than 3 colors to choose from. There are so many colors when it comes to paint and the reality is many of them will be great options! If you have too many choices to choose from, it is really easy to get overwhelmed.

3) Paint The Poster Board In Each Color

Now comes the fun part! I head home and paint each piece of poster board in the colors I have chosen as options. On the back of the poster board I write the name of the color so I don't lose track of which color is which. This is extremely important if you are choosing between colors that are very similar.

Why write it on the back? You may be leaning toward a color, but aren't 100% sure it's the right choice. When you add the name to the back of the poster board it takes your bias out of the selection process.

4) Live With It For A Bit

Once the poster boards are dry, I cut them into smaller pieces (usually 1/3's or 1/4's) and tack them up in the room I am considering painting. I put each color next to the other and then live with it for a week or two. If I am planning to only do an accent wall, I only need to add it to the wall I am going to paint. However, if you are planning to paint a whole room you will want poster board pieces on each wall.

Once the boards are up, live with them for awhile! Check the color in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. You will notice as the light changes in your space throughout the day so does your color. This is an easy way for you to imagine the color in your space without having to commit to a full paint project right away.


Is your head spinning with color options? Contact me!

I offer color consultations for both residential and commercial spaces.

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