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Is 2022 The Year Where Warm Tones Take Over?

Are warmer colors taking charge this year? It sure seems like it!

The past month I have noticed so many warm desert colors in advertisements, home decor, and even clothing! I think warm colors have come back to stay for awhile.

In August I wrote a blog all about the prediction for warmer colors from Paris Design Week. But today I am going to dive in deeper on 3 of the trends I am seeing everywhere!

1) Warmer Greens

The past 5 years or so we have really been loving the cool neutral palettes. These palettes highlighted grays, blues, and greens to make their statement in the design world. I think these colors are still great neutrals to use, but in the past month I have noticed a strong emphasis on green tones with shades of brown or yellow mixed in.

Green evokes a sense of clean and vitality in your space, but this subtle shift in hue makes the color appear cozier. Below are some of the tones taking charge this month!

2) Blush Is Back

In addition to the greens we have also seen warmer tones of red taking the stage. Blush is back! Since the start of the new year I have noticed blush tile, accent pillows, and wallpaper available to purchase. Yes, I know Valentine's Day is right around the corner, but all of the typical bright pinks and reds have taken on a warmer hue.

Are you in love with these blush tones? Here are a few of my favorites!

3) Pops of Bright Colors

As the pandemic has continued, I have noticed pops of bright color starting to emerge in interior design. Last week I was interviewed by the local newspaper to talk about this trend and the slight lean we have taken towards maximalism since the start of the pandemic. You can read the article here.

We are all spending more time at home and could use sparks of joy in our spaces. Bright colors do just that! Adding a pop of bright orange in a mostly blue room brightens your space, adds warmth, and keeps the space fun!

Not sure what bright pop of color to add to your home? Use the color wheel! Complimentary colors (colors opposite on the color wheel) are great choices for adding a fun accent to your space.


Is your head spinning with all of these color options? Contact me!

I offer color consultations for both residential and commercial spaces.

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