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Sherwin-Williams' November Color of the Month - Black Magic

This November, Sherwin-Williams presents a surprising color of the month - Black Magic.

You’re probably thinking, this should’ve been the color of the month for October and the spooky season, and that’s a valid point. But black is so much more than spooky and Halloween. It is also sophisticated and elegant and, just like a little black dress, it’s always appropriate. A paint color like Black Magic can create a bold, dramatic statement, or it can be used as a backdrop to highlight specific design features.

Timeless and Sophisticated

Black can be an intimidating color to work with when designing your home, and if I’m being perfectly honest, it won’t appeal to everyone. And that’s OK! Design is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. But if you crave a bold, dramatic look, a strategic use of black is one way to achieve it.

Black has a timeless appeal, yes, even in interior design. Black Magic, with its subtle undertones, can be a versatile choice that complements both traditional and contemporary aesthetics. When used as an accent wall, this color adds a touch of drama and sophistication. It also provides a striking backdrop for artwork, plants, and fabric colors in the room.

If you’re concerned about the room feeling too dark or somber, there are ways to avoid that. For example, you could incorporate lighter colors with different textures such as plush fabrics, metallic accents, and soft rugs into the space. These will brighten the space and also add softness. You can also counter the darkness with a brighter accent color on the trim and on the other walls in the room.

Black Magic in the Kitchen

Black cabinets can be modern and minimalist, such as in a black and white kitchen, or they can be warm and sophisticated with wood accents like open shelves and/or butcher block counters, and gold cabinet pulls. You could also choose to paint the upper cabinets black and brighten up the space with white lower cabinets. There are so many combinations and options, but whatever one you choose will be striking and beautiful. If you’re thinking about a kitchen refresh or renovation and would like some design help to get it just right for your home, feel free to reach out and schedule a consultation.

Pairing with Vibrant Colors

Black Magic with Pop of Color.
Sherwin Williams: Black Magic

Another positive of using black is its ability to harmonize with other colors. Imagine the

opulence of deep emerald greens, regal sapphires, or luxurious burgundies juxtaposed against the inky backdrop of Black Magic. Black is also a classic color of mid-century modern design. You could go minimalist with black and white or use it to anchor the other colors of the design palette, such as mustard yellow, teal, burnt orange, olive green, or rust. The timeless and eternally relevant hue of Black Magic is a go-to color for midcentury modern designs.

Small Spaces, Big Impact

If you’re hesitant to fully embrace the darkness, Black Magic can work wonders in smaller spaces. Powder rooms, home offices, or cozy reading nooks bathed in this hue exude an intimate charm. The color's ability to absorb light can create a cocoon-like atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for spaces where a touch of drama is desired without overwhelming the senses. You have the option to counter the darkness with wall sconces and by using slightly brighter lightbulbs to ensure adequate lighting. You could also pair it with a patterned wallpaper because Black Magic is the perfect backdrop for virtually any pattern or color scheme. For example, try using Black magic on the bottom half of the walls and a patterned wallpaper on the top half.

A Great Choice!

If you’re considering a new look this fall, Black Magic should be top of the list! It is modern, sophisticated, and pairs effortlessly with other hues. It also adapts to different design styles, which makes it a versatile choice for virtually any home or commercial space.

Want to see this color in person??

Head out to Hotel Stevenson! We used Black Magic on the trim of this historic hotel.


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