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Meet Your New Best Friend: Painter’s Tape

Most of us have a go-to, all purpose fixit tool. Clips, ties, bungees, you name it, everyone’s got a favorite. For me, it’s classic painter’s tape. Yup, the ubiquitous blue stuff.

Before you think I’ve gone nuts for choosing something so simple amidst 21st century toys, tech, and tools just hear me out…the stuff is magic!

As a designer I use painter’s tape at just about every job site. It’s the best tool I have!

Sure, there is the obvious use: taping edges and trim for mess-free painting. The tape goes down smoothly and—better yet—comes off without drama. Crisp, clean lines make everyone paint like a pro and you can even create custom works of art or mid-century inspired wall patterns at a fraction of the cost.

Like they say on TV: but wait…there’s more!

It's Ideal For Communication

Painter’s tape is ideal for marking spots for my contractors to make repairs or install new fixtures and decor. The trademark blue (or froggy green) tape is highly visible and easily removable without leaving gunk behind.

And have you ever tried to stick post-it’s to a wall?

I’ll save you the effort: they won’t last; not for very long anyway. Before you know it, fallen notes are fluttering like leaves in autumn, leaving your team to try and decipher what goes where.

Skip the sticky note and use the painter's tape!

It's The Perfect Shopping Assistant

If, like most of us, you enjoy shopping online for EVERYTHING, invest in a roll or two of painter’s tape first.

Tape the dimensions of your prospective couch, chair, bedframe, end table, bespoke velvet doggie sofa, or Scandinavian YTTERVÅG to make sure it fits! Walk around the outline and make sure you have plenty of room to navigate (ideally with a vacuum cleaner).

Put smaller décor items into place around the outline and check the room’s flow and accessibility. Then, if it all works, scoot back to that waiting ‘buy now’ button and go for it!

It Gives Me Vision

Not sure what size art you need? Tape the dimensions of a frame and step back to take a proper look.

This is also a great trick for hanging gallery walls with multiple pictures, accent pieces, or textiles. Removable sticky picture hangers are fine, but this saves having to peel, stick, wait while it cures, hang, change your mind, unstick, move, and start over. Plus, those kits only include a few spare adhesives so running out is a risk.

And It's So Good For Function!

Then there are the unique, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that uses...

  • Painter’s tape is great for labeling the 8,434,912 cords behind your TV, computer, or office workstation.

  • Label leftovers in the fridge or boxes in the garage for easy storage.

  • Roll it inside out around your fingers for a muss-free lint and pet-hair remover.

  • My nephew even knows that I can create an obstacle course on the floor in minutes for those rainy days here in the PNW.

I'm telling you, it really is the best product! Do yourself a favor and add it to your next shopping trip - you can thank me later! And if you have any other uses, please share! Comment below so I can add even more reasons to love this product!

Use these tips and take the guesswork out of décor!

Or call me for a consult and I’ll be happy to do it for you!

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