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Let's Explore Some New Hardware: Part 1

Here's the deal, I love hardware! It's such a fun part of interior design that is often overlooked but trust me when I say that the right hardware is the key to pulling any design together - it's the cherry on top!

But I get it; not everyone shares my excitement for choosing drawer pulls and door knobs. It's challenging to really visualize the different finishes in your space and how they'll work with your overall design. As your interior designer, it's my job to help you navigate the hardware world and help you find the perfect pieces for your space.

Partnering with Forge Hardware

To make things easier, I recently made the decision to purchase some sample pieces of hardware to use in client meetings. Many of my clients were confused by the types of finishes, and I wanted to be able to show them physical examples of pieces while we made their tile and flooring selections.

After doing quite a bit of research, I chose to work with Forge Hardware. This great company is based in Florida, and with supply chain issues as complicated as they've been these past few years, I was excited to find something based in the US.

They offer a great variety of finish options, and I love that they're always coming out with new and interesting pieces to keep up with the latest trends. I've been using their hardware in my design projects for a few months now, and I'm excited to share some of my favorite finishes and pieces with you!

My Collection of Stock Pieces from Forge Hardware

I've put together a little collection of stock pieces that I bring with me to client meetings. This way, my clients can really see, touch, and feel the different types of finishes available.

I've found that this is especially helpful when choosing between two similar finishes like antique brass and oil-rubbed bronze. It's one thing to see a finish online, but it's another thing entirely to see it in person and understand how it will work in your space.

Here are some of the pieces you'll find in my collection:

For those who love a gold finish that is all class. The rounded details add a touch of elegance to a traditionally boxy shape.

Why pick 1 finish when you can have the best of both worlds! This pull is sleek and modern, with chic pops of gold against the matte black bar. I love the drawer pull in this line!

Sleek and clean is how I would describe this line. If you're looking for hardware that doesn't stand out but still has plenty of interest, this is it.

As warmer colors return to color palettes, we're also seeing the return of copper. This line brings shine, rustic touches, and a modern shape to your next furniture piece. Be aware that copper will patina (turn to a blue/green color) and change with time and use. This is the perfect piece if you are looking for hardware that grows with you and your space.

Alright, where are my glamorous folks at? This piece is for you! I love this knob in a nursery or even on the drawer of a makeup vanity.


Don't hesitate to contact me if you need help selecting hardware for your space.

I would love to help you put the finishing touches on your perfect room!

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