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Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers: Easy as 1, 2, 3

A few times each year I get the itch to change up EVERYthing around my house: colors, textures, styles. This also tends to coincide with the start of warmer weather here in the PNW-hello 90 degree days this week!

Despite every HGTV renovation show, very few of us have the time, money, or energy to repaint walls and reconfigure our home’s layout at the drop of a hat. But if you’ve got the itch, there are tried-and-true, low-cost changes which always perk things up. Invest in a luxe new bedding set, change out your shower curtains and bathroom linens, or swap the throw pillows in your living room. Savvy thrifters can even do all three for pennies on the dollar!

But when cosmetic changes aren’t cutting it—or you’re looking to hop on the hot housing market bandwagon—consider upgrading your existing kitchen cabinets. Adding some zip through a cabinet makeover not only pays off with a super high return on investment, it’s also cheerful and feels oh, so fancy!

1) Temporary Trick

My go-to for a refresh in the kitchen is to add new knobs, pulls, and handles. This temporary change can be added in less than an hour and can make your kitchen feel like it got a complete upgrade!

2) Classing Up The Place

If your cabinets are relatively new (or in good shape overall), keep them. But why not line the insides with interesting wallpaper or a ready-made glass door for a peekaboo effect on a few cabinets? Just remember that you only want to do this on cabinets that you don't mind showing off the items inside!

Or keep the doors but repaint inside and out with durable cabinet paint. Trendy or timeless, color can make the entire kitchen feel fresh and clean.

Crown molding takes all cabinetry to the next level! If your kitchen cabinets are nice, albeit simple, adding molding builds height and incorporates them into the space with an air of elegance.

3) Let's Upgrade

With a little know-how (or the help of your friendly, neighborhood handyman) there are ways to really up the ante of your kitchen’s cabinets. You know those funny spaces between the cabinet block and your stove, sink, or fridge? Convert that into a pull-out spice storage rack or bespoke wine bottle cubbies.

Install under shelf wine glass holders and show off your finest glassware. Light the underside of the cabinets for a warm glow. Remove upper cabinet doors altogether or switch to open shelving.

Moral of the story, don’t be afraid to try something new!


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