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Fall Into Home Organization

I say this every year around this time, but wow, summer went by so fast! It’s already time to shift gears and prepare for cooler temperatures, soups on the stove, and kids back in school.

Amidst the excitement and flurry of pumpkins, new schedules, and school supplies, there's one crucial aspect that often gets overlooked: home organization. Let’s talk about some essential home organization tips that will not only ease the transition but also set you and your family up for a smooth start to the rainy days ahead.

Declutter and Refresh: The Key To Home Organization

Take the opportunity to declutter and refresh your home as the days get shorter. Go room by room, sorting items into three categories: keep, donate/sell, and discard. Encourage your kids to be part of the process, teaching them the valuable skill of tidying up and letting go of items they no longer need. Once you've decluttered, give your home a thorough cleaning, creating a clean slate for the months ahead.

Designated Study Spaces

Creating dedicated study spaces for each family member is a game-changer. These spaces don't need to be elaborate; a simple desk or a quiet corner with good lighting and minimal distractions will suffice. Personalizing each space with supplies, motivational quotes, and a touch of creativity can make studying more enjoyable and productive.

Functional Entryway

The entryway is your first line of defense against clutter. Install hooks or cubbies for backpacks, jackets, and shoes. If you don’t have enough hall closet space (does anyone?) to keep shoes, gloves, hats, etc. put away, baskets are an attractive way to keep your entryway organized and clutter-free.

mudroom with white cabinets, jackets hanging, and yellow rain boots on the floor

Assign each person their own basket so everyone knows where to look when it’s time to get ready for the bus or carpool. Put up a wall calendar or a bulletin board so everyone has a central location to keep track of important dates, permission slips, and invitations. Having a designated spot for everything that comes and goes helps keep chaos to a minimum.

Pantry Organization for Painless Meal Prep

Back to school often means back to busy evenings. Streamline your week by planning meals in advance. Create a menu for the week and prepare ingredients or even full meals ahead of time. Having a well-organized pantry that’s stocked with essentials will help you whip up delicious meals without the stress of last-minute grocery runs. There are many pantry organization options available, depending on your type of pantry – pull-out sliding shelves for cabinets, baskets and plastic bins for pantry shelves, airtight clear storage containers, and drawer or shelf dividers. A simple and inexpensive option is Command Strip hooks and accessories to hang aprons, dish towels, oven mitts, and even mugs by the coffee pot.

Storage Solutions Around Your Home

organized built in closet with shirts hanging on hangers and other clothes folded on shelves

Invest in clever storage solutions that maximize space while keeping things accessible. Over-the-door organizers, clear bins, and storage ottomans are fantastic options. In children's rooms, use labeled containers for toys, school supplies, and clothing. The key is to have designated spots for every item, making cleanup so much easier.

Establish Routines

Routines provide a sense of stability, especially during busy school days. Create morning and evening routines that include tasks like setting out clothes, packing backpacks, and organizing study materials. Consistency is key, and soon these routines will become habits that help keep your home organized year-round.

Digital Organization

In the digital age, staying organized also involves managing digital clutter. Set up folders on your devices for each family member, making it easier to find and manage important documents. Use digital to-do lists, calendar apps, and reminder tools to keep track of assignments, meetings, and extracurricular activities.

Regular Decluttering Sessions

Two people carrying a box filled with clothes and a soccer ball

As the school year progresses, make it a habit to schedule regular decluttering sessions. Set aside time each month to go through items that have accumulated and decide what can be donated, sold, or discarded. This practice prevents clutter from building up and ensures your home stays organized and functional.

Remember, home organization isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creating an environment that supports your family's goals and well-being. By implementing these organization tips, you'll not only streamline your daily routines but also foster a sense of calm and control in the midst of a busy school year. An organized home is a canvas for success, providing the space and clarity needed for each family member to thrive academically and personally throughout the school year.


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