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Putting Your Home’s Quirks to Good Use

Homes built today are pretty much either boxes or rectangles. And that makes sense. Squares are practical, easy to divide into all the necessary rooms, and sit tidily on their lot.

But there’s almost always a spot which defies physics, space, time, and gravity when it comes to décor or use. A nook. A cranny. An alcove. Sure, you could abandon the space or use it as a larger version of the "junk drawer", but why not use it?

Here are a couple of ways I’d turn awkward into awesome!

Corners and Extended Walls

Think the base of a stairway or long open wall near the front door. Just because it doesn’t have a built in function does mean it’s not usable. Consider adding a faux tree with a bench. The perfect place to put on shoes! Or add storage bins and coat hooks. The best spot to gather bags, jackets, and other items needed to take out of the home. (This is really useful for kids and pets!)

Up High

You definitely don’t want to fill every wall from floor to ceiling. But adding height makes a space feel larger and that’s always a good thing. Install floating shelves for airy displays, books, or a mini photo gallery. Purchase floor to ceiling bookshelves and fill them with your favorite novels. Anything to draw the eye up and put those tall ceilings to use!

Down Low

Don't forget to use the space underneath furniture for extra storage and function. Does your bathroom sink have showstopper legs? Find a quirky basket that fits underneath—around the plumbing—for holding extra toilet paper or rolled towels. Long, narrow sofa tables are great in skinny spaces and baskets can be slotted below for seasonal fuzzy blankets.

Storage Salvation

If your nook is truly that, a separate area with framed wall-like edges, you’re in luck. Depending on the width, you can turn it into shelving for a pantry, kid’s toys (in super cute crates you can get down one at a time), craft storage, bookshelf, media center, or way to show off your favorite collection. Or if you are an avid coffee drinker like me - turn it into the perfect coffee bar! That will be the motivation you need to start the day! And if it’s more than a few feet wide, however, jump ahead because you’ve won the lottery.


Whether bay window alcove, inset cubby, unfinished closet, or oddly designed corner, some homes are blessed with a magical space. These nooks make perfect mini offices with a desk, wall-hanging storage, and flush mounted lights. You can even hide it away behind a sliding barn door or plush curtains. Or use the nook for a bar with wine rack, hanging wineglass racks, and ice bucket. Adjacent to a bedroom or bathroom this type of space becomes Hollywood glam with a make-up table, backlit mirror, and puffy stool that conveniently slides underneath.

If your space is in the attic or under the stairs, what about a play area for the kids? They adore small, personalized reading nooks and draping fabric or beaded curtains can make it look like a fairy castle, forest cave, or secret fort. Let your imagination go wild…it’s your space, use it!

I love helping people find the perfect solution to those awkward spaces!

Schedule an interior design consultation today and we can have a solution in under 2 hours. It's that easy!


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