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Changing Rooms With A Color Palette

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Our homes are meant to be a place where we can show who we are, the things we love, and the dreams we have about the future. We like to display items that represent each of these things on mantels, bookshelves, sofa tables, walls, and floors.

But why is it that you can enter some homes and feel at ease and others you feel overwhelmed? Energy in the space is a big factor, but visually color makes all the difference!

Whether you prefer sparse and elegant or comfortably cluttered, having a unified color palette brings the room together so it feels intentional. Because trying too hard—or not at all—will leave your house feel either like a kindergarten or Target after Black Friday.

And no one’s got time for that kind of chaos!

Color Theory

No, you don’t need a background in art to understand color theory. You like what you like and that’s that. It’s more the blending of tones which makes a huge difference. You want your space to sing, not shout. Here are a few things to consider as you plan your space.

Do you prefer warm or cool tones?

Warm tones are those with a yellow, orange, or red base, while cool tones are those with a green, blue, or purple base. Stick to one or the other for best results.

Maintain a Ratio

The second is math adjacent. But non-scary, cupcake-themed math.

Your main color should incorporate about 60% of the space. Think walls, rugs, and large furniture, i.e. your cake.

The next color should represent about 30% of your space. This accent color should be reflected in window treatments, accent furniture, or an accent wall; the frosting.

The remaining 10% is sprinkles, baby! Pops of color like lamps, accessories, throw pillows, and artwork.

Putting It All Together

Can you believe that changing up a room is as easy as switching your color palette or providing balance to your current color palette?

Not sure where to start?

You can always bring in a designer who’ll work to find a balance for one zone or your entire home. I’m happy to incorporate every vision board and Pinterest wall you’ve got!

Or step back, pause, and try this.

What is that key element in your space that you simply love to pieces? Could be artwork, a bedspread, rug, chair, or mirror. The only requirement is how much you adore it.

If it’s something multicolored, use that as the basis for choosing colors. If not, what colors will make that piece shine?

Don’t overthink things, you’re not prepping a spread for Vanity Fair. Let the warm fuzzies you get from your piece lead you down the existing color scheme rabbit hole or pick three colors inspired by the item and run wild! There are endless possibilities for creative folks willing to mix things up.

But be sure to remember the impact colors can have on mood.

If you’re working on a home office or planning a kid’s room, choose colors that will be soothing versus those that kick emotions into high gear.


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