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Choosing an Exterior Paint Color for Your House

Choosing a color palette for your home’s exterior often feels like a much bigger decision than choosing colors for the interior. If you paint your living room Barbie pink this summer and hate the look of it by Christmas, it’s not that big of a deal to repaint it using the next trendy color. However, changing your exterior color is much more involved and costly.

Because of this, we typically want to choose a color that will look beautiful – but not dated – for years. Additionally, many people want to be sure the color of they choose enhances their home’s potential resale value. This week we’ll explore popular colors for home exteriors so you can make an informed decision for your home.

Neutrals Are Still the Most Popular Choice For Exterior Paint Colors

Fortunately, the current trend in exterior paint colors is based on classic, timeless looks, so

whether you prefer modern or traditional style, you’ll probably be looking at similar colors. Based on a national survey by building products manufacturer Alside, the top 5 most popular colors for home exteriors are: off-white/cream, white, light gray, light brown, and medium blue.

Chart from Alside that displays the tops colors for 2023.

White, Off-White, and Cream Colors

The farmhouse trend is the driving force behind the popularity of white houses, and that trend continues to be popular. But in 2023, off-white and soft cream colors have become more popular than pure, bright white. The softer whites provide a more subtle contrast against the dark trim and accent colors that are the hallmark of the farmhouse look.

Light Brown, Neutrals, and Earth Tones

Nature-inspired neutrals are popular for home exteriors just as they are for interior colors. While “light brown” is the color listed in the survey, that really includes a lot of color options because there really isn’t just one “light brown.”

Light brown and neutral trim exterior paint color palette.

Organic colors include many shades of light brown, and they can help your home blend with the natural environment in your yard and surrounding area. Other neutrals in this color palette include taupe, the many shades of “greige,” and stone-inspired dark gray. Light gray, on the other hand, is a classic neutral that also allows your home to stand out against your landscaping.

Medium Blue and Moody Hues

Moody colors have been growing in popularity for home exteriors, and the trend appears to be here for a while. One of the most popular moody colors is a medium- to medium-dark blue. (Looking at the color wheel above, it really depends on what you consider “medium blue,” “light blue,” or “dark blue.”) This hue looks beautiful with one of the off-white or creamy white trends as a trim color, offering a clean contrast that is softer than bright white.

Other popular moody colors also include dark blue, dark brown, dark green, and dark blues and greens with gray undertones. These colors are dark and chic, and create a modern, yet still timeless look. They are also bold, but not overwhelming because they work well with a variety of colors in the natural surroundings of your home.

Other Considerations When Choosing a House Color

Choosing a house color involves a lot of factors that are specific to you and your home. You need to consider your design style, the architectural style of your house, and even the color of your roof. But there are also other things to consider when choosing what color your house will be for the next several years. For example, if you want to make your home look bigger, choose a light paint color. This helps to brighten the look of the home and reflect the light. Examples of light exterior paint colors include white, ivory, cream, or light grey.

Dark blue and white trim exterior color palette.

Another important factor is your neighborhood. If you have a homeowner’s association, you will most likely need to get their approval for a new paint color. Choose a color that’s different from your closest neighbors, but still complements the colors of their houses. This helps improve curb appeal for you and for them, and benefits everyone’s home value.

Want An Easy Solution?

Check out our pre-designed exterior paint palettes. Simply click "add to cart" on an image in our shop and you will receive a PDF straight to your inbox with shop links for purchasing and descriptions of the products reflected on the image you selected. All products shown on the mood board are reflective of the product links provided.

The are so many decisions, and it can easily become overwhelming. Feel free to reach out, and I can help you through the process.


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