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Exhausted By The Interior Design Selection Process?


Let me help!

Choosing paint colors, tile, grout, layouts, trades, and all of the other details for your home or business can be overwhelming. And who has the time or energy to research all the details?


Let me take this to-do list item off your plate!

Brandiwine Interior Design specializes in streamlining all things interior design.


No more late nights doing online searches and second guessing if the choice you made will work.

I specialize in making the interior design process fun, enjoyable, and something to look forward to!


Let's be honest, you have saved up your hard earned money to make your space spectacular and I want you to enjoy every aspect of that journey. Add me to your team and we will make your dream a reality!

Are you planning to repaint the exterior or interior of your home or business? Walking into a paint store can be overwhelming. Let's bring the paint store to you and take the guess work out of the decision!

Feeling exhausted by the design process? Afraid you will make a bad decision? Let me ease your fears and create a personalized plan for your residential or commercial space!

Are you loving the new design trend of adding wallpaper to your spaces? So are we! There are so many choices when it comes to wallpaper - let's find the perfect color palette, style, and installation type for your needs!

Remodel and new build projects are filled with details! And with all the time and money you are investing in the new space we want it to be a perfect fit for you or your family. Let's get your project set up for success!

Do you ever wish you could text or email an interior designer for their opinion? Now you can!

Custom color palette design plan shown by interior designer in Vancouver, Washington.

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What Clients Say:
"Brandi is awesome to work with and has spectacular ideas! She helped us with a challenging commercial renovation and knew it was important we get it right! Very professional!"
- Hotel Stevenson
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