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Exhausted By The Interior Design Selection Process?


Let me help!

Does This Sound Like You?

"I just worked all day and now I'm supposed to go home, research kitchen remodel ideas, try to match the tile I see, and cross my fingers that everything I pick goes well together?!”

"I want my dream bathroom, but where am I supposed to find the time to figure out all the details so my contractor can start? I'm overwhelmed.”

"I can't help but second-guess every choice for my home. Are these things even going to match? Are they good quality?"

Take A Deep Breath!
You Are In The Right Place.

Choosing paint colors, tile, grout, layouts, trades, and all of the other details for your home or business can be overwhelming. And who has the time or energy to research all the details? 

No more late nights doing online searches and second guessing if the choice you made will work.

I specialize in making the interior design process fun, enjoyable, and something to look forward to! 

Let's be honest, you have saved up your hard earned money to make your space spectacular and I want you to enjoy every aspect of that journey. 


So stop spending your evenings and weekends agonizing over your decisions for your remodel, new build, or commercial project and let us step in and take it off your hands. In less than 3 months you will have a fully built plan and all we need is for you to say “approve”. 


Seriously, on average our clients go from spending months planning, researching, and debating selections to only about 15 hours of your time approving the selections we bring to you.


It’s that easy!

"Discuss With A Designer"

60 Min. Virtual Session

Perfect For:

  • Projects Based Outside Clark County, WA

  • Working Through A Stuck Point In Your Project

  • Getting Feedback/Ideas From A Professional


"Discuss With A Designer"

90 Min. Onsite Session

Perfect For:

  • Projects Based Within Clark County, WA

  • Paint Selections and Brainstorming Ideas

  • Troubleshooting Project Challenges

"Let's Remodel/Build My Home"

Perfect For:

  • Residential Projects based in Clark County, WA

  • Clients Searching For A Streamlined Design Process

  • Creating Efficient Plans That Are Easy To Execute


"Interior Design For My Business"

Perfect For:

  • Commercial Projects near Clark County, WA

  • Business Owners Moving Into A New Space

  • Business Owners Looking To Update An Existing Space

What Clients Say:
"Brandi is awesome to work with and has spectacular ideas! She helped us with a challenging commercial renovation and knew it was important we get it right! Very professional!"
- Hotel Stevenson
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