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Choose This Coastal Color Paint For Your Next Project

Looking for a coastal color with casual elegance??

Look no further than Sherwin Williams Silvermist (SW 7621).

Sherwin Williams Silvermist accent wall behind entry table.

Silvermist is a cool, blue-green tone that calls to mind the colors of the ocean. That is exactly what I’d expect this year, when design and color trends are all about well-being, modern coastal, and communing with nature.

The Appeal of Cool Coastal Paint Colors

Paint roller with blue paint on a white wall.

Cool colors such as blues and greens are typically considered calming, relaxed, and also professional. We are still seeing green as a very popular color this year, especially in the PNW as it’s often used to bring the feeling of nature indoors. Blue was more trendy a few years ago but is a generally also seen as a calming color. Silvermist combines the two colors with slate gray undertones, which makes it quite versatile with many furniture, flooring, and accessory options. Silvermist an ideal color choice for both homes and businesses.

One way to enjoy it is with crisp, white trim and ceilings (SW 7005 Pure White). It’s a classic and timeless look that brightens any room and helps create a modern coastal vibe. Used with cozy furniture, pillows, and plants, it will create a relaxing, beach-inspired space. Or add darker accessories using the coordinating colors to create a richer, more serene and luxurious atmosphere.

What Other Options Do I Have?

Maybe you prefer a room with bolder color in a darker shade. No worries, Silvermist has coordinating colors you’ll probably love! Big Dipper (SW 9645) is a classic shade of navy that brings the feel of the Nantucket coast into your space. Big Dipper calls to mind the darkest shades of a deep blue ocean and, along with Silvermist accents, it’s perfect for creating the perfect cozy, moody space.

wall of paint chips

For those who are more comfortable with lighter and/or more neutral colors, Silvermist’s other coordinating colors include Drift of Mist (SW 9166) and Sea Salt (SW 6204). Drift of Mist is a neutral greige color, while Sea Salt is more of a gray-green with blue undertones. They all work well together, so you could choose to go with a bolder color on all the walls, or you might prefer to keep the walls neutral and use just a touch of bolder color on the trim or an accent wall.

A lot of TV design shows this season (I’m looking at you, HGTV) are creating “modern coastal” or “modern beachy” designs that include painting all the walls white, with white trim, and then “accent” that with white furniture. And all of that is in addition to using white oak flooring, cabinetry, and furniture pieces. That is definitely one way to achieve the aesthetic, and if you like a look that’s very minimalist, by all means, you should do it.

Modern home with brick accent wall and nature inspired decor.

But just because you want a modern, natural, and/or coastal-inspired design doesn’t mean you have to give up color. Nature is full of color! Blue skies, green trees, colorful flowers, blue-green waters, and an endless variety of gray, beige, brown, black, and other neutrals in rocks, sand, and tree bark. So by using an coastal-inspired paint color like Silvermist, along with its many coordinating colors from Sherwin-Williams, you can definitely add color to a modern home or office space that will enhance the design and look beautiful for years.


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