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Breathe New Life into Your Home Office

Let's face it, the in-home office space became a staple in most homes.

And if your home office gets used daily like mine, you may be looking for a refresh of the space as we head into summer!

If you’re sick of staring at those same four walls, then read on for a few tips to take your home office space from dreary to divine!

Don't Let It Be An Afterthought

Some houses take a small desk, stick it in a closet or under the stairs, and call it a home office. Nope, not cool, I loudly disagree. Your office should be welcoming and usable, not feel like an afterthought or cobbled together workspace, especially if used daily. If you can, choose somewhere that includes a window especially with summer now here in the PNW.

Sharing Space

If the space is shared use, that’s fine. But share equally, or—perhaps more to the point—beneficially. If it’s a guest room, consider a hide-a-bed/couch combo or Murphy bed for guests. Who uses the area more, you or them? Include lots of shelving, adequate outlets, a decent Wi-Fi signal, and bookcases for pretty storage. Heck, live large and bring in plants and a small seating area for meeting with clients, taking calls, or taking a Zoom meeting in style.

Decor Matters

Paint the walls soothing colors (cool tones are your friends), hang artwork, keep fresh flowers on hand. Use plenty of classy accessories to make your work area feeling fresh and ready for action. Cord covers, cable clips, or even zip ties will minimize the crazy spaghetti look behind your desk and trust me, even that little step makes a big difference.

Think Function

Spring for a filing cabinet or organization system so you’re not shuffling papers endlessly. This also provides you with a way to set work items aside for the weekend or even at the end of the day. When working from home it's helpful to take small actions to signal the switch from work mode to home time. In cramped quarters, walls are your friends: mount calendars, bulletin boards, and floating shelves or paint a section with chalkboard paint for doodling notes.

Let’s be honest, for some of us, our home office is nothing more than a corner amidst the chaos. We’ve worked from bedroom, dining room table, backyard, and elementary school pick-up line over the past few years. It's time for an upgrade!


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