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3 Tips For Surviving A Renovation!

You made the decision and are starting a renovation project. Congratulations!! I promise the end result will be worth the wait, but let me also be real with you. Renovations aren't always as seamless as they appear on your favorite home improvement show. In fact, they can sometimes be an absolute mess (both literally and figuratively)!

Here are the 3 tips I give my clients when they are preparing for a renovation project.

1. Expect The Unexpected

Things change over time. In fact, that's probably one of the reasons you are starting a renovation project!

Here is the deal - the techniques used to create your space have likely had a few updates. As time goes on construction methods are revamped, new products hit the market, and codes are rewritten. While all of those things sound totally rational, it hits us in the gut when we realize that those changes may alter our renovation plan.

Do yourself a favor and go into this process expecting the unexpected. It will help you weather the storm when that moment arises.

2. Give Yourself Wiggle Room

A renovation project needs to be treated like an outfit choice for Thanksgiving dinner. Go ahead and wear the cute jeans, but make sure they have a little stretch!

Renovation projects tend to need wiggle room in timeline and budget.

Like I mentioned, renovations rarely go to plan. Save yourself the heartache of having to pick between the backsplash of your dreams and a structural improvement by saving up a little extra - just in case! You will thank me when your contractor lets you know that flooring needs to be replaced or that the exterior wall has dry rot.

And if I'm wrong, the budget for the house warming party just went up! Win, win! Also, on that note, wait to schedule the house warming party until the house is finished. Trust me, no one wants to admire your new kitchen while sitting on a paint bucket.

3. Create Space For Sanity

Alright this may be where I lose some of you, but hear me out. Renovations shake up your safe spaces. Like they literally shake them up, revamp them, and add a new coat of paint.

Do yourself a favor and create a space that is free from clutter, has things that provide a sense of calm, and is away from the renovation area. For some of you, this may mean a chair in the garage with a tv and a beer fridge. For others, this may mean a chair in a corner with a reading light, good book, and favorite mug for tea. Whatever works for you! There will be stress during your renovation project. It may come from the project itself or from other "life" things. Give yourself a space for sanity while your world is under construction.

Most of all, look forward to the final product! It will be worth it, just remember good things take time.*

* and helps too.

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