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What's With The Trends of 2023?

We are about halfway through the year and, in case you haven't noticed, we are seeing some shifts in interior design trends. Cool tones are being replaced with warm and glam!

Every home store I have visited is flush with pale pinks, velvet, gold accents, and lots of plants! This is quite the change from only a few years ago where high-contrast, gray tones, and heavy finishes stocked the shelves.

Does this mean you have to update your home to fit the new trend?

Absolutely not!

The reality is all of these cycles will come and go over time. Pick decor that speaks to you, your personal style, and the way you need your home to function.

Earthy Interiors

Trendsetters are noticing a tendency towards shades which increase well-being. And what’s more peaceful than lush plants and vibrant flowers? Many of these new styles echo Mother Nature and bring the outdoors in whatever the season. From olive green living rooms to cozy reading nooks, all of the latest trends accent wood, plants, and glass beautifully.

There is also a rising trend which uses blues and greens tempered by gray or even each other to make oceanic statement pieces. Adding dusty pink, warm terracotta, or pops of mustard sets off the natural effect.

Retro Glam

HGTV, the oracles of everything around our homes, chose a color collection for 2023 that they promise revives elements from the past. Even the names are super fancy. Darkroom, their color of the year, is black with a purple undertone yet still neutral enough to showcase both new builds and vintage classic homes. You’ll long for pearls and marabou feather slippers (pink satin naturally) with your evening martini in a Darkroom house.

Their Vintage Homestead color collection includes foolproof mixers like Poetry Plum, Restrained Gold, Natural Linen, Darkroom, Cool Beige, Austere Gray, Pewter Green, Glamour, Wall Street, and Hot Cocoa. I don't know about you but I feel a touch of the 70's is back in fashion!


Have you noticed gold is back? And not just plain shiny gold - we now have rose gold, aged brass, champagne, and so many more! If you grew up with gold in your home and can't imagine adding this touch back in your space skip this section. If you are open to a touch of glam - read on...

Gold is a tricky to finish to add to your space. That's because not all gold is created equal when we look at finish options. My advice? Stay consistent! If you opt for a champagne faucet from Delta for you shower I highly recommend choosing sink faucets, tub fillers, towel bars, and toilet levers from the Delta line as well. Unlike finishes such as brushed nickel which have consistency in the market, gold is new to the scene. The tones are still being established and therefore can differ from item to item. Pay attention to the shine, undertone, and brand to ensure a consistent look across your space.

My Take On The Trends

Embracing the magic of 2023 trends is a balance. In design, we understand that it’s setting off features so individual elements can fully shine. Here are my tips and tricks:

  • Balance warm color tones with grayed whites to provide a museum effect while creamy white is better against woodgrain.

  • Beige and gray—along with their baby, Greige—are also warm and a perfect backdrop for your exploration of color. Too many bright tones in close proximity can make your space feel jarring or headache-inducing. But when used alongside neutrals like these, the colors come to life.

  • I also recommend taking the plunge and going dark. Black, midnight blue, forest green, and eggplant purple wrapped across multiple walls is like a cocoon of happiness. It adds a point of interest and can really make a gorgeous statement in your space. Really go for it and match the ceiling if you’re daring - otherwise leave that a refreshing lighter color or neutral.

Let me know, are you a fan of the 2023 trends?

Or are you going to politely wait for them to move along?


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