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Moving this Spring? Up your curb appeal for top dollar!

I often hear people compare the housing market to a roller coaster…and lately it’s pretty darn true! Financial rates may twist and turn but a super low supply of homes mean sellers are definitely still in control.

If you’re thinking of selling this spring, upping the curb appeal pays off big time. Here are a few easy, inexpensive ways to get major bang for your buck.

Forbes offered housing market predictions for 2023 which agree. “Even though the market may still be tipped in your favor, it’s in your best interest to present your home in the best possible light. Not everyone has cash dedicated to renovations and repairs, but a little sweat equity can go a long way. The first step is to declutter, organize, and clean.”

Realty sites show that curb appeal sells homes faster and increases value up to 10%.

Working From The Outside In

Sweat equity doesn’t necessarily mean super sweaty, gross chores…well not always, anyway. Consider planting flowers for color or doing a little landscaping. Trim hedges, pull a few weeds, and be sure to mow. While you’re outside, refresh the house numbers for some visual zip or even replace your rusty old mailbox with something trendy

Front Porch Greetings

Is it time to repaint the front door or invest a few dollars in a new welcome mat??

Trust me, it probably is.

When you use something every day, it’s easy to overlook scuffs, scrapes, and fading.

Buyers have often made their intial decision before ever stepping foot into your home. They want a home that feels inviting and welcoming from the time they pull into the drive. Add a bench or rocking hair to the area to encourage front porch sits in the evening. Don't have the space? A wreath on the door that is bright and cheerful will do the trick!

Then look up.

Is your porch light working? Is it ugly or outdated? New bulbs (or fixtures) are a simple fix. If the front walk, steps, patio, porch, or driveway are painted Pacific Northwest Mossy Green, rent a pressure washer and get spraying. For old-timey sunken driveways or those under trees, rake the leaves so paths aren’t slippery on a rainy day.


This is another case where we tend to overlook what we see 24/7. Next time you come home from the store or a school run, park your car and try a little experiment. Get out and try to see things with fresh eyes, like a potential buyer would. Is the driveway clean and smooth? Have bushes and grass crept onto the walkway? Is the front door splashed with mud? Are windows smudged with fingerprints and doggy noses? Peek through and look inside (yes, still from outside). Does it appear welcoming or wild?

No-one expects your home to look brand new or pulled from the pages of Architectural Digest. But buyers want to imagine a future…their future…in it and that’s not hard to do. Investing a few minutes (and yes, a few dollars) towards curb appeal makes the dream a reality for both buyers AND sellers.

Need Professional Help?

I am certified in home staging and am more than happy to help clients put their best foot forward! I work with both real estate agents and clients to use what you already have in your home to make the very best impression possible. I will tell you where the clutter is, what paint needs to be touched up, and which furniture can be rearranged to make your home feel the most welcoming to potential buyers. Just schedule a consult!


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