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Midcentury modern coffee table on decorative livingroom rug.

Create a Guest Escape: Attic Design Ideas for the Ultimate Cozy Nook

If you own a home with an attic or your rental home comes with a bonus attic space, there’s a chance the room has gone unused. Maybe the space is completely empty, or it’s the current home for your boxes of seasonal decorations, sporting gear, or home improvement tools. Whether you’re living in Seattle, WA, or just moved to Chicago, IL, there are plenty of ways you can spruce up your attic space to create a great escape.

To give you a little inspiration, Redfin reached out to us and other design experts for our best attic design tips. Read on to find out how you can design your perfect attic getaway.

Taking it to the MAX: Cheerful Excesses of Maximalism Offer
a Visual Hug

“Pre-pandemic, we all had these very busy schedules outside the home, so in terms of what was happening in the home space, it had to be minimal. Clients really wanted homes to feel like a sanctuary space,” said Brandi Oldham, owner of Brandiwine Interior Design in Vancouver. “Then the pandemic hit and the summer of 2020 is when we started to see a flip of the switch in design trends.”

Brandi Oldham designing a custom livingroom at an interior design competition.

MADE ON 23rd:
Featured Artist

This week we welcome local interior designer, Brandi Oldham, to our blog. She brings her passion and knowledge of sensory integration into her design process and believes that your home should be place where you thrive.

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