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The Biggest Misconception About Working With An Interior Designer

If I could share one message with anyone interested in working with my interior design business it's this:

I work with your budget.

Is it possible to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars with an interior designer? Of course! It is also possible to spend less than $300. Also, yes!

It depends on the work you are looking to complete, the type of designer you are working with, and how involved you want to be in the process.

Tell me more.

We all have seen the famous TV shows where families leave their home for a period of time and come back to a big reveal. The work you see on these shows often takes months of work and a lot of hours. Can your local designer create this experience for you? Of course they can, but the hours needed to accomplish a large reveal will require a larger budget! For large scale renovations you need to take into consideration temporary housing costs, costs for purchasing materials, cost for labor, project management time, etc.

So what is so different about your business?

My business is run on a consultation model. My services are $150/hour and I work with you to provide education, expertise, and support.

For example, let's say you have a living room that needs updating. You can arrange to have me come in for a 1 hour consultation to talk you through how to update your living room. We can create a color palette, brainstorm ideas, and get a plan for the space. After that the next choice is yours!

Choice Options:

1) Take the information you have and find the pieces on your own. This gives you full control of your shopping schedule, budget, and install timeline.

2) Ask me to research and find pieces that will work for your space. I will find options and send you links for purchasing.

3) Use the information to create a plan and start saving. As you reach your financial goals, you purchase pieces on the plan. This is the perfect way to ensure you get a space you will love with a budget that makes sense for you!

But I'm terrible at styling.

Don't worry! This can be something we build into your plan. After all the pieces are purchased I can come in for a half day or full day (depending on the space) and style everything for you. This part can be completed with you present or we can do a big reveal!

Interior designers do not have to be intimidating. We want to help you create the space of your dreams and here at Brandiwine Interior Design we work with you to make sure that we can do the most with your budget!

Not sure where to start? Schedule a free 20 min. consultation to make a plan!

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