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Interior Design Through the Decades: 1980s

Welcome to the 1980s! It was a time of big hair, soft pastels, and lots of geometric patterns. The 80s may have picked up some trends from previous decades, like the pastels of the 50s and matching patterns of the 70s, but trust me when I say that the interior design style of this era is definitely in a league of its own.

Let me share some of the most distinct characteristics of 1980s interior design with you so you can see just how unique this style really was.

1980s Interior Design Trends

Pastel Color Palette

First, the pastels. The 80s were all about the soft pinks and blues. This may have been a carryover from the 50s pastel kitchens, but in the 80s, the pastel trend was taken to a whole new level. If pastels weren't in every room, they were definitely in most.

Geometric Patterns & Shapes

Next, the geometric patterns and shapes. This was a big trend in both fashion and interior design during the 1980s. You would see these bold patterns everywhere, from clothes to furniture. And it wasn't just limited to squares and rectangles. Triangles were among the most popular shapes of the 80s. You would often see them incorporated into upholstery, fabrics, artwork, and even wallpaper.

Florals and Ruffles

The 1980s interior design definitely had a feminine touch. This was evident in the use of florals and ruffled accents. While flower patterns had been popular in previous decades, they reached new heights in the 80s.

You would often see them on wallpaper, fabrics, drapery, and even carpets. It wasn't unheard of to have an entirely floral bathroom. And as for the ruffles? If you could put a ruffle on it, there's a good chance that someone did.

Matching Accents

Last but not least, the matching accents. This was a major trend in the 80s, especially when it came to wallpaper and fabrics. It was all about finding coordinating patterns and colors and then using them throughout the space.

Whether it was a floral theme or a geometric pattern, there's a good chance it would be repeated in at least 3 different instances throughout the room. If the bed skirt, pillow ruffles, curtains, wallpaper, and even the nightgowns matched, then you knew you were in an 80s-style bedroom.

Get a Touch of the 80s at Home

While the 80s style is definitely unique to its time, there are still some tasteful ways that you can incorporate it into your space. Check out this 80s-inspired home!

A 1980s-inspired guest bedroom might feature patterned floral bedding with ruffle details on a simple wood bed frame. You can always afford to have a little fun with your bathroom design as well by adding a funky geometric shower curtain to give it that extra touch of 80s flair.

If you want to go all out, you can wallpaper an accent wall in a large, geometric, or floral print. Just make sure to keep the rest of the room relatively simple so that it doesn't become too overwhelming.

The 1980s were definitely one of the more unique design decades, but there's always something to love about vintage styles.

Next up, we'll be exploring the minimalism of the 1990s. Subscribe to the blog and stay tuned!


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