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Setting Up The Perfect Guest Room

It’s finally safe to have guests again so dust off the spare room and send out invites!

If you’re lucky enough to have space for a dedicated guest room, here are a few tips that’ll make it a welcoming sanctuary for friends, family, and loved ones galore.

Mint on the pillow optional.

When designing a guest room, I think the bed is your focal point.

It’s the item that likely takes up the majority of the room and will be the first thing guests notice when walking into the space.

Keep bedding clean and simple.

I love white or cream sheets for a guest room. It gives that crisp clean look guests love! But that doesn’t mean the rest of the space has to be equally neutral.

Pack a punch with color in other ways. The comforter, headboard, or accent pillows are a great place to make a statement.

Don’t be afraid to go a little bolder in this room. It’s not a space that is used every day so bright and bold colors won’t overwhelm you.

Want a more spa-like feel?

Stick with cooler tones of green and blue, natural fabrics, plenty of organic objects like wooden lamps and end tables, and rolled towels displayed in a pyramid on the dresser or foot of the bed.

Want to change it up from time to time?

Consider picking up pillow and duvet covers to change the look of your space in a manner of minutes. These are also easily removable for washing or tumble dry them with a dryer

sheet to remove musty storage odors.

Do you have an en suite guest bathroom?

Festive shower curtains, soap dispensers, and hand towels perk up even small spaces for only a few dollars.

You can also add decorative containers filled with things like cotton balls, q-tips, or even hair ties/bobby pins for your guests to use!

Pet owners, this one’s for you...

Even if allergies aren’t an issue, keep Fido and Fluffy out of the guest room if possible. Shed hair gets everywhere and tripping on a catnip mouse or jingling toy at 2 a.m. isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time.

Now for the little details that put a cherry on top!

  • Frame your wi-fi details into an informative work of art.

  • Add a chunky blanket to the foot of the bed or nearby basket just in case guests get cold at night. The texture also looks warm and inviting.

  • Keep a few extra towels and linens in the closet or an empty dresser drawer.

  • Make room for luggage to be opened, accessed, and stored.

  • Leave a few snacks and water bottles just in case of jetlag or midnight munchies.

  • Have extra unopened toothbrushes and floss from the dentist or tiny shampoos from vacation? Put a few out just in case something was forgotten en route.

Travel, while amazing and educational and informative and a great way to reconnect…is exhausting. Road trips, airports, and suitcases each come with their own unique challenges.

Having a dedicated guest room where your visitors can feel at home is truly a blessing.

Keep it prepped and everyone will enjoy their stay!

Or call me for a consult and I’ll be happy to do it for you!


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