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Decor Is Looking A Little Different At Our House This Year...

The holiday season is finally here and with it comes so many expectations for what your home decor will look like. As an interior designer there is so much pressure to have the perfect house on the block, but this year I'm being forced to throw all of that out the window! Your girl is currently in a cast....

Yep, that's right!

I went to the gym right before Thanksgiving and tore my calf muscle shortly after getting home. Nothing like covering your husband, puppy, and sofa all in a cup of coffee as you crash to the ground! The lovely folks at the urgent care got quite the laugh!

If you are facing some challenges this holiday season and are stressing over making everything "perfect" I want you to hear me tell you "it's ok!". Ask for help if you need it and eliminate the things that are bringing more stress than joy.

We are going minimalist this year - I'll be right beside you!

So what exactly do my decorations look like this year?


Thankfully my mom came to the rescue on our home! I found myself getting so frustrated by not having Christmas decor up and our front door looking like Fall never left. Not only can I not lift anything and scoot/crutch, but I find myself spending every other hour on the couch with my leg elevated. For those of you who know how much of a busy body I am this is torture...our puppy on the other hand is loving the new cuddle schedule! This wasn't looking good for holiday decorating...

My mom not only came over and removed all of my fall decorations and reorganized them for next year. She carried in boxes of Christmas decor, our tree, and moved all of our furniture (by herself!) to give us a new layout for this month. The woman was on a roll!

Is it how I decorate it each year? Of course not!

Is it beautiful and a refreshing spin on our normal set up? Absolutely!

And every time I look at the decor I am filled with immense gratitude for the assistance.


My favorite part of the holiday season are the lights! There is something just magical about the every home on a block coming together for the season. I love driving around with a hot chocolate a few days before Christmas to admire all of the displays. And I was DEVASTATED we weren't going to be a part of that tradition this year. As much as I wanted those lights I just couldn't justify having my husband on the roof with no assistance and risking another injury in this household. Plus adding another thing to his to-do list just didn't seem fair (the guy is currently cooking, cleaning, driving me to my appointments, and stepping up as a business partner at the moment - the real MVP!). So this year we are doing just a small porch display.

And I'm sure to the outside eye it looks a little sad compared to the lights that go across the roofline. But honestly, it's what we are getting this year! And knowing we were still able to install them together makes the memory a little sweeter. Don't worry, next year we should be back to this full roofline display!

While I'm saying thank you, I also wanted to share my gratitude to my clients who have adjusted appointments, been patient in delays on emails, and have adjusted as I have this holiday season. Sometimes life throws us a pivot or two and we just have to roll with it!

Speaking of pivots...January is going to be an exciting pivot for Brandiwine Interior Design!

More to come on that soon, but until then, wishing you all a wonderful holiday season! Remember, the best homes are filled with love not things.

Drink your water, stretch before working out, and try not to tear those calf muscles kids!

Trust me, not worth it...

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