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Decor For Your Kitchen That Will Solve The Daily "What's For Dinner?" Question

If your house is anything like mine we cannot go a day without somebody asking...

"What's for dinner?"

And if you are anything like me, this is often the response I want to give.

Well today I am sharing my best kitchen decor hack that not only looks AMAZING,

but will make answering that question so much easier!

Add a cookbook wall to your kitchen!

When it comes to interior design, there are 3 things that always need to be take into consideration and this project is no different. So before you jump in, make sure this design choice will be a good fit!

1) Space

  • Do you have wall space to install something like this in your kitchen or dining area? In my home this installation measures 46" x 46".

2) Function

  • I wanted an easier way to access my cookbooks without having to climb on a step stool to get them out of the top shelf of a cabinet. Does this make sense for you and your lifestyle? Are you someone that enjoys cooking?

3) Aesthetic

  • Are your cookbooks visually interesting to you? I used cookbooks I already owned and invested in a few more! My goal was to find cookbooks that had good reviews, recipes I was interested in, and colors that leaned more into a neutral palette to compliment my home.

If all of these things work for you, then let's dive into installation!


The shelving I used for this installation came from Ikea. I used the Mosslanda picture ledge in the 45 1/4" measurement. (If your space is smaller, you can purchase a 21 3/4" option here.)

These ledges are fantastic for gallery walls and frames, but I find there are also the perfect fit for showcasing books. I have used these in my kitchen as well as in children's rooms. They turn your books instantly into art!

Cookbook Selection:

We love to grill, host friends and family, and I'm all about simple recipes. In our home, my husband is vegan so it was important for me to have a good mix of vegan cookbook options mixed in with some of our other favorites!

You will find cookbooks for camping, grilling, and cocktails in the mix. It's important to find cookbooks that you will use so this decor piece best serves you!


Not only has this decor helped us quickly find new recipes, but it has become a fun read for guests. I have found guests love to peruse our cookbooks and get new ideas while they are visiting!

I also love to wrap a few of the books during the holiday season to add a fun holiday detail to our kitchen space.

Let me know if you end up adding cookbooks to your kitchen or dining space!

It may just inspire you to add a few new recipes to your weekly dinners and fight off the dreaded "what's for dinner?" question.

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