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Boring Bookshelves Be Gone!

If your house is like mine, bookshelves are a staple in just about every room!

My husband and I are both avid readers and being able to store and organize our books is a must have in our home.

But bookshelves don't have to be just for books! From an industrial five-shelf model to modern floating options there are so many great ways to store and display collections of every kind. Here are five tips and tricks to take your bookshelf from blah to beautiful!

Start With Books

Obvious, right? But it’s a solid foundation for everything else. Mix horizontal and vertical placement as you go.

If you just have a few to showcase, spread them out across multiple shelves, left and right, top and bottom. And when placing, start with larger, heavier books on lower shelves. If your shelves aren’t sufficiently deep for big books to stand proud, lay them down as a base for a pyramid of titles.

Bonus! Make sure the entire bookshelf is adequately secured to the wall with earthquake and child-protection straps beforehand. Always safety first over here!

Add Tall Accents

Once your books have found their home, add in a few tall pieces. These, if weighty enough, can even work as impromptu bookends. Candlesticks, vases, apothecary jars, or depth-appropriate storage bins are a great way to break up the line visually.

Choose carefully, though, because things that are too wide and hang over the edge look awkward and tippy…because they are. You don’t want to spend your Saturday finding each and every errant marble or negotiating broken glass from a shattered jar.

Greenery Is Good

If the room is bright enough, incorporate live plants. Because who doesn’t love the long, trailing tentacles of a jade pothos?

Make sure to find a planter that has adequate drainage and double-up with a plastic tray underneath, so leaks don’t water-stain your bookcase. Invest in a retro watering can with long, pointy spout to minimize spills and look super cute at the same time.

Not enough light? Forget to water plants on a regular basis? That’s ok! Me too!

Today’s artificial plants and flowers can make even the most avid gardeners question if they are real. You can choose by color palette, season, or personal favorite. There are even artificial sprigs of greenery and mixers like twigs, cattails, and pampas grass you can add to change up a arrangement as we go through the year.

Consider Shape, Color, and Texture

Visual interest can be made in a variety of ways. Mix round objects with square ones. Sort items in a rainbow or ombre pattern. Mix in pops of art, shiny metals, bright colors, or something delightfully silly to catch the eye. Or my personal favorite, add in a basket with great natural texture! It's a great way to store items you use on a regular basis while still maintaining organization and visual interest.

Pause and Edit

Bookcases are great because you can change up their look and layout in a manner of minutes. But don’t overfill them with stuff. If you have plenty of actual books, dedicate an entire unit to their stately glory. Otherwise edit, pause, and leave negative space like a breath of fresh air in the room.

Still feeling overwhelmed by styling your bookcase?

I can come in and transform those bookshelves for you!

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