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3 Tips For Home Decor Shopping

Shopping for home decor is my favorite kind of shopping! No dressing rooms are needed and there is no such thing as an itchy bookend! Shopping for home decor is sweet and simple!

That being said, I do come prepared! Just like when you are shopping for clothes there are some mistakes you can make by picking the wrong size, finding a color that clashes, or settling for something that isn't the perfect fit!

What are my 3 tips for home decor shopping? Let's find out!

1) Measure Before You Shop!

There is nothing worse than finding the perfect lamp only to find out it's taller than your bookshelf. Or the art you loved is way to small for the large wall behind your sofa.

Measure before you shop! My purse always has a small tape measure in it just for these trips! I know the range of sizes that my clients need for their art, lamps, desks, etc. before I ever step foot in the door. If it isn't the right size I move on! Even the most beautiful piece will look sad if the size doesn't fit the room I want to style.

2) Know Your Color Palette

Do you have a color palette picked for the space? If not, please read this blog. It's the most important thing you can do when beginning a design project!

Once your color palette is picked, know what colors fit within your color palette. If this is a large piece, stick with your dominant color. If you are looking for a bookend or vase, an accent color or neutral will do the trick! Don't allow your self to be pulled toward colors that clash. While they look good in the store, they will not have the same feel in your home.

3) Be Patient!

If you aren't sure about a piece or if you are having to convince yourself to buy, just wait! There is nothing worse than making a purchase that isn't the best fit and then constantly being reminded that you settled.

That being said, I always tell my clients to buy once, cry once. If you find a piece that is perfect, but the price is higher than you wanted to spend it might be worth it! So many of my clients have spent way more money on multiple purchases trying to find something that is similar to the piece they actually want. If you know it's exactly the right fit then consider purchasing the higher priced item. It may save you money and hassle over time!

What are some of your favorite home decor purchases?

Let me know in the comments or send me a photo on social media! I would love to see all of your great finds!

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